Scuola di inglese da 1 a 18 anni

Il metodo Kids&Us cresce di pari passo con gli alunni accompagnandoli fino al raggiungimento della piena padronanza della lingua inglese. I programmi di studio si suddividono per fasce di età, da un anno in su.

La scuola di inglese Kids&us utilizza una metodologia basata sul processo naturale di acquisizione del linguaggio materno, naturale e spontaneo. Offre molte attività e servizi complementari per favorire l’integrazione e l’apprendimento della lingua.

Gli insegnati sono preparati, dinamici, professionali, con una forte motivazione e chiaramente hanno una perfetta padronanza della lingua inglese.
Il corpo docente sarà in grado di insegnare e instaurare un rapporto di empatia con i bambini e gli adolescenti fino alla maggiore età.

Informazioni Utili

Indirizzo: Via Guido Zanobini, 30, 00174, Roma
Telefono: 06 9453 6488
Mobile: 391 305 7344
Orari della scuola:
Lun-Mer-Ven 15:00-19:00
Mar-Gio 11:00-13:00 15-19
Sab 9:00-13:00

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Consegne a domicilio: No
Importo minimo: No



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Giuseppe Zibellini
Giuseppe Zibellini
15:22 09 Jul 21
It was a fine school
Laura dc
Laura dc
16:48 10 Mar 21
Staff very kind and professional, sensitive, prepared, children have a lot of fun. Recommended.
fox 2870
fox 2870
19:38 13 Nov 20
Professionalism and seriousness
Massimiliano Chiardoni
Massimiliano Chiardoni
15:41 07 Oct 20
English for the little ones with a dedicated method. Friendly, organized and competent staff
Paola Minerba
Paola Minerba
16:44 27 Feb 20
Discovered by chance and immediately it was love ..It is wonderful to see your child approach a new language in a... completely natural way and to find that he is impatient to return to class the following week always with the same enthusiasm.I enrolled him at the age of 4 and obviously I did not hesitate to enroll even the little girl who is only one year old. In the school there is a serene and playful atmosphere so that it doesn't seem to be in school! Children learn while having fun thanks to this fantastic method. But the merit is also of the teachers for their high preparation and professionalism. The director is always available for any information, questions or problems. We are accompanied every year, and throughout the year on their journey through individual interviews and report cards which are very detailed. In addition, various story times and workshops are organized which allow children to be in continuous contact with the language free of charge. The school is well maintained, clean, tidy and has a lot of material.I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to give their children one more chance of growth and more
Iris Ros Redon
Iris Ros Redon
14:44 24 Feb 20
Martina e Nadia - Toys&Surprises
Martina e Nadia - Toys&Surprises
11:22 06 Feb 20
Martina started attending this school at 2 and a half years. We were immediately won over by the excellent teachers, by... the colorful and very welcoming environment for children, by the innovative study method that almost becomes a game for children. The lessons are engaging and the children come into contact with English in a simple and natural way through various characters who accompany them throughout the journey. Very often events are organized with fun shows that are easy to understand even for the little ones, cooking workshops, themed parties..all of course in English! We are very satisfied with the choice made above all because Martina is enthusiastic about it and I must say that the results can be seen! Highly recommended school !!!read more
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